New Issue TOC: Focaal: Journal of Global and Historical Anthropology (Issue 81: Ethnographic engagements with global elites)

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This themed issue of Focaal titled “Ethnographic engagements with global elites: Mutuality, complicity, and critique” draws together ethnographies of family wealth transfers, philanthropy, and private sector development to reflect on the place of critique in the anthropology of elites. This section is followed by general articles ranging from pyramid schemes in Siberia to how illegal status is imagined, embodied, and sustained over time. This issue concludes with a forum section.


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Issue 81: Ethnographic engagements with global elites: Mutuality, complicity, and critique


Theme Section

Introduction: Ethnographic engagements with global elites

Paul Robert Gilbert and Jessica Sklair


A gendered ethnography of elites: Women, inequality, and social reproduction

Luna Glucksberg


Closeness and critique among Brazilian philanthropists: Navigating a critical ethnography of wealth elites

Jessica Sklair


Class, complicity, and capitalist ambition in Dhaka's elite enclaves

Paul Robert Gilbert



Dangerous speculation: The appeal of pyramid schemes in rural Siberia

Leonie Schiffauer


Redeveloping history in postsocialist Poland

Jaro Stacul


The temporality of illegality: Experiences of undocumented Latin American migrants in London

Ana Gutiérrez Garza


An anthropological contribution to rethinking the relationship between money, debt, and economic growth

Richard H. Robbins


The commons, property, and ownership: Suggestions for further discussion

Katharina Bodirsky


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