TOC: Social Analysis (Volume 61, Issue 1)

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Titled Post-Ottoman Topologies, this special issue proposes new theoretical approaches to the experience and transmission of the past through time. The articles in this issue explore the transmission of collective memories of post-Ottoman state formation and the malaise associated with a contemporary epoch that might be termed 'late nationalism'.

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Special Issue: Post-Ottoman Topologies
Edited by Nicolas Argenti

The Presence of the Past in the Era of the Nation-State
Nicolas Argenti

Fossilized Futures: Topologies and Topographies of Crisis Experience in Central Greece
Daniel M. Knight

Prayer as a History: Of Witnesses, Martyrs, and Plural Pasts in Post-war Bosnia-Herzegovina
David Henig

Surviving Hrant Dink: Carnal Mourning under the Specter of Senselessness
Alice von Bieberstein

The Material Life of War at the Greek Border
Laurie Kain Hart

(Re)sounding Histories: On the Temporalities of the Media Event
Penelope Papailias

Between Dreams and Traces: Memory, Temporality, and the Production of Sainthood in Lesbos
Séverine Rey

"Eyes Shut, Muted Voices": Narrating and Temporalizing the Post-Civil War Era through a Monument
Dimitra Gefou-Madianou

Uncanny History: Temporal Topology in the Post-Ottoman World
Charles Stewart

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