New Issue of Focaal: Journal of Global and Historical Anthropology - The Political in/of Europe

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This themed issue of Focaal first introduces the vantage points of critical scholarship that distinguishes itself from the mainstream, and people and places that are geopolitically in Europe, but “not quite” European if viewed in relation to “Europe” as a normative trope. It follows with topics ranging from deindustrialized Latvian countryside to the militarization of US social science in such initiatives as Project Camelot.

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Issue 80: The Political in/of Europe

Theme Section

Introduction: Desire for the political in the aftermath of the Cold War, Dace Dzenovska and Nicholas De Genova

Emptiness and its futures: Staying and leaving as tactics of life in Latvia, Dace Dzenovska

The desire for disinheritance in austerity Greece, Daniel M. Knight

Conjuring "the people": The 2013 Babylution protests and desire for political transformation in postwar Bosnia-Herzegovina, Larisa Kurtović

Finding a place in the world: Political subjectivities and the imagination of Iceland after the economic crash, Kristín Loftsdóttir


Between Afropolitans and new Sankaras: Class mobility and the reproduction of academics in Burkina Faso, Michelle Engeler

"Forging New Malay networks": Imagining global halal markets, Johan Fischer

Shelling from the ivory tower: Project Camelot and the post-World War II operationalization of social science, Philip Y. Kai

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