New Open Access Issue of Social Anthropology/Anthropologie Sociale (Vol. 30, Issue 2)

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The latest Open Access issue of Social Anthropology/Anthropologie Sociale has published! This special issue focuses on curious utopias in the Twenty-first Century.


Social Anthropology/Anthropologie Sociale is a part of the Berghahn Open Anthro Collection!:


Volume 30, Issue 2

Curious Utopias: Dreaming Big Again in the Twenty-first Century?



Lukas Ley and Nicolai Ssorin-Chaikov



Curious Utopias: Dreaming Big Again in the Twenty-first Century?

Ruth Prince and Tom Neumark



Shacktopia: The Meantime Future of Humanitarian Design

Peter Redfield


Vectoral Fieldsites: Scales of Social Observation and Transformation in Development-Era Senegal

Noémi Tousignant


Beyond Failure: Bureaucratic Labour and the Will to Improve in Kenya’s Experiments with Universal Health Care

Ruth Prince


Policy as Experimentation: Failing ‘Forward’ Towards Universal Health Coverage in India

Ursula Rao


To Fail at Scale!: Minimalism and Maximalism in Humanitarian Entrepreneurship

Jamie Cross and Alice Street


Algorithmic Intimacy: The Data Economy of Predatory Inclusion in Kenya

Kevin P. Donovan and Emma Park


Leapfrogging the Grid: Off-grid Solar, Self-reliance and the Market in Tanzania

Tom Neumark


The Golden Passport ‘Russian’ Eutopia: Offshore Citizens in a Global Republic

Theodoros Rakopoulos


Book Reviews

Adriane Costa Da Silva, Heike Drotbohm, Leah Eades, Alessandra Gribaldo, and Emre Keser


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