Latest Open Access Issue of AJEC (Vol. 31, Issue 1)

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The latest Open Access issue of Anthropological Journal of European Cultures has published! This is a special issue retrospective celebrating the disciplinary 'coming of age.'


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Volume 31, Issue 1



Autobiography in Anthropology: A Thirty Year Retrospective

Patrick Laviolette and Aleksandar Bošković


Anthropologist as Nomad: Introducing a New Co-Editor

Aleksandar Bošković



Autobiography, Anthropology: A Personal Historical Recollection

Judith Okely


‘Keeping Up with Myself’: Ethnography of a Young Adult Woman in Post-Transitional Croatia

Lana Peternel and Ana Maskalan


Ground-Level Travel for a Non-Flying Baltic States Anthropologist from Northern Ireland

Gareth E. Hamilton


Towards Critical Analytical Auto-Ethnography: Global Pandemic and Migrant Women (Im)mobilities in Northern Ireland

Marta Kempny


It Begins and Ends with an Image: Reflections on Life/Death across Autobiography and Visual Culture

Paolo S. H. Favero


Echo and the Ecumene: Grasping the Estonian National Museum

Art Leete and Patrick Laviolette


Ethnicity Past and Present: A Transnational Virtual COVID-19 Interview with Ulf Hannerz

Marek Jakoubek and Lenka J. Budilová



Thomas Hylland Eriksen, Angeliki Gazi, Markéta Slavková, Jelena Ćuković, and Agnieszka Halemba


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