Renewed Call for Reviewers

Camarin Porter's picture

I would like to renew our network's call for book reviewers. At this time we would benefit especially from volunteers with research and teaching specialization in non-western history, but all others are welcome as well. As a community of teacher-scholars, H-Teach is uniquely positioned to offer book reviews of interest beyond specialized research, for the daily work of preparing lessons and lectures, creating assignments, and overseeing student research projects. To expand the network’s book review program, please consider volunteering as a reviewer.

Individual topical H-Net discussion networks (e.g., H-Asia, H-Germany, H-Atlantic, etc.) commission reviews of monographs in their fields. Potentially any of those works are relevant to H-Teach members as well. Even more so are recent works that offer overviews or quick access to sources, narratives, or historiographical debates of use for list members in their classes.

These works might include: encyclopedias, handbooks, and other collected articles that indicate the current state of research in a particular field; sourcebooks and other primary source collections; new textbook editions; historical atlases; and monographs that provide any kind of broad chronological, interdisciplinary, trans-national, or comparative global perspective on a period, field, or subject.  

Other books that could be of interest to H-Teach members include works that provide context for classroom discussions of current events, including histories of race, civil rights, democracy, and immigration. If interested, please contact to discuss a potential review.