Recent State Changes in World History Standards and Curriculum

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January 1, 2024
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Those concerned at the recent efforts of some States to reform their History Standards in ways that reduce world history subjects and processes in school curriculums may wish to see the immediate past (WHC 20.1) and the forthcoming (WHC 20.2 out in June) issues of the on-line journal World History Connected, which offers analyses by educators seeking to address this issue at the state level  and the voices of teachers both resisting and supporting these changes in their classrooms.  The focus of the journal’s Fall issue (WHC 20.3) will feature essays on “Teaching Contested Issues.” Please note: for those who have yet to be informed, this journal, a free, grant-supported 20-year-old affiliate of the World History Association, changed publishers late last year to George Mason University Press. Soon, its readers will be able to see all of it its back-list at its new updated website (, or just search “world history connected Mason, rather than its past University  Illinois Press site.).  Only the publisher has changed. The journal operates under the same editorial staff, including several past-presidents of the World History Association and several Master Teachers, who have the same mission: providing the world history community with accessibly written, archivally-based research and the scholarship of teaching, along with subject-databases and interviews with world historians at universities (Trevor Getz), and in secondary schools (Deborah Johnston). If you would like to be placed on a mailing list that generates only 3 messages a year—the announcement of the publication of a new issue-- please email its editor, Marc Jason Gilbert, at

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