Report: Approaches to Training in the Public Humanities

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From the National Humanities Alliance:

As we start the new year, I am pleased to announce the launch of our new report, Approaches to Training in the Public Humanities.

The report grows out of our efforts to support higher ed faculty and administrators in building an infrastructure on campus that bolsters engagement with the communities that surround them. This resource provides data and examples of higher ed-based efforts to train students and faculty in the public humanities, including publicly engaged degree granting departments, majors, minors, certificates, course pathways, internships, and faculty training programs.

The 26-page resource is divided into three chapters: (1) Public Humanities Graduate Training, (2) Public Humanities Undergraduate Training, and (3) Public Humanities Faculty Training and Support. In each section we provide project snapshots, case studies, and highlights from our impact research partnerships. We encourage you to share the resource with your colleagues and take inspiration from the models presented to imagine what might be possible on your campus. This report is a product of our Humanities for All initiative, which is generously funded by The Mellon Foundation. 

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