Teaching Tuesdays #3

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Happy Teaching Tuesday!

Our tip this week comes from Lata Murti, and it’s something I’ve done myself with good results.

When teaching online and asynchronously, consider holding an optional Zoom help session during the evening hours soon before a major
assignment is due. Students can drop in any time during the hour to ask any questions they have about the assignment. The session can be recorded and the link to the recording shared with the whole class (with the permission of those students who attended live) so that those students who couldn't attend the Zoom session can still benefit. Instructors can also announce that any students who did not attend the Zoom help session must watch the recording before emailing the instructor with any questions or concerns about the assignment.


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Great idea! This is especially helpful with more and more classes being fully online. While there's no denying that online classes are convenient, the human interaction is so valuable.
Leigh Ann Wilson