Teaching Tuesdays #11

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Happy Teaching Tuesday!

Thanks to Seth Offenbach for this week's tip on online classes:

Since the pandemic I've taught a minimum of three online classes a semester. Because my students almost all have jobs, I prefer to teach asynchronously. But that can get lonely for the students. Thus, I mandate students to communicate with me weekly. They are literally graded on their ability to contact me once a week. They can do it however they want: phone call, pre-scheduled meetings, text message, or email. But they have to check in to let me know what they are (or aren't) doing. Once a week. I only communicate back M-F 9-5, but they can email / text any time they like. I'll just reply the next day. It keeps the lines of communication open. It lets me flag who's been missing. And it can help when issues arise (as they always do).

For more ideas on how to engage students, check out H-Teach's program on discussion boards on Monday, April 24 at 7pm est. You can register for the program here

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