"How Red is Your Little Red Schoolhouse?"

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Hi. I'm publishing a book with Cambridge University Press, and I'd like to obtain images from the 1950 publication, "How Red is Your Little Red Schoolhouse," to use in the book Post-WWII chapter. This pamphlet was published by the National Council on American Education (Allen Zoll). I cannot find it. Does anyone know where these booklets might be located? I've checked all of my university databases without luck. I've also checked with the University of Arkansas' library where Zoll's papers are located. They do not have any copies or images of the booklet.

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Dear Brian Dotts:

Do you think it may be part of this binder:


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Hi Katharina,

Thank you for suggesting these possibilities. I'll check them out and let you know.

I appreciate your taking the time to reply.


Hi Brian (If I may),

I reposted your question to the History of Education listserv (goo.gl/ewuV7h). A few list members have responded with useful information. Their replies can also be seen here: https://goo.gl/Ri9M1U


Here are some suggestions
First, check out all Anti-Defamation League archives that you can find. Zoll was associated with t Coughlin's pro Nazi and rabidly anti- Semitic Christian Front in the 1930s. Later in the 1960s he was associated with his fellow millionaire WillIs Carto's Liberty Lobby which sought to fund and keep alive Nazi fascist ideology on the the far right and later fund Holocaust denial "research." The ADL was most involved in monitoring individuals like
Zoll and the groups he associated with and helped to fund

You might also see if there is anything in the early Heritage Foundation Archives that might be available. The Heritage Foundationwas founded I would say to continue the work of the Liberty League as a center for research and public information for the respectable right. Like the Liberty League, the Heritage Foundation in those days also had connections with the ultra-right and the pamphlet that you are trying to track down had been "mainstreamed" in the high Cold War period.

You might also check out materials related to the vigilante blacklisting groups of the tine Minute Women of Texas involved in education purges
Another possibility is totry to find collections of figures like Phyllis Schafly who later became famous as an anti-feminist but was involved in this sort of far right domestic politics, and Max Rafferty, crusader against Communist influence in the California schools through John Dewey and Progressive Education who later became State Supeintendant of Schools in California. Schafly and Rafferty of course were not in anyway connected to Zoll's anti-Semitism which he always connected to anti-Communist and "anti-World Government" polemics.

Finally, you might consult HUAC materials, since individuals like Zoll were part of HUAC's stable of "friendly witnesses."

I hope this helps. These materials may also help you found other valuable sources for your work. Good luck


Thank you for this information. I appreciate your taking the time to respond. This is very helpful. My best regards!.

You are very welcome. I am sorry for the many typos in my response since I wrote the response on an IPad and it has no spell check review function that I can access.