H-US1918-45 seeks new editors!

H-Net Vice President of Networks Caroline Waldron                                  (Term Jan '22-Dec '24)'s picture

We’re looking for a new team to take over H-US1918-45.

On all of H-Net’s networks, we’re excited to find people who are interested in using the digital humanities in their research, and in enhancing the role of digital humanities in their field. If you’ve got research interests in these segment of US history and want to use digital spaces to bring your and others’ work to light, we’ve got the server space for you! H-US1918-45 has access to the full suite of H-Net tools and can help work that research into to videos, blogs, articles, podcasts, roundtables, book reviews, digital archives…

In the past year, H-Net has expanded its podcasting repertoire, begun its first open access peer reviewed journal, built new interactive capabilities, and much more is on the way. We will provide training and support to help folks with a desire to advance the field with valuable digital resources. A bit of tech comfort is a good prerequisite, along with a desire help yourself and others to the digital fore of the field.

Helping your field need not be so highfalutin. You can also help H-US1918-45, provide service to the field, and build new skills by managing the flow of posts and book reviews on the site, establishing an H-US1918-45 social media presence, and working with a team to develop new ideas. H-US1918-45 has never gone entirely quiet even without anyone at the helm, so those who take it up will find a blank slate and a ready made and eagar audience of over 1400 subscribers.

Please send inquires from individuals, departments, or other organizations to Patrick Cox at vp-net@mail.h-net.msu.edu and we can talk more about what we can do.