CFP Artistic Practices in Contemporary Asia Volume 7 Issue 1 (Spring 2018)


Contemporary artistic practices in Asia have long evolved and since the 1990s have grown exponentially. The increasing regional biennials and triennials, the establishment of new contemporary art museums, the success of Asian artists and the establishment of various alternative sites and models for art practices denoted the ever evolving and permutative artistic practices in contemporary Asia. In this issue, Art & the Public Sphere (APS) will examine art, individual or collective artistic practice and curatorial practices as an integral and vital aspect of culture in the twenty-first century in Asia. In this context, artistic practices in contemporary Asia is broadly defined as artistic practices produced by artists in the last 25 years across issues concerned with contemporary art’s relation to the politics, social, and the public sphere as its main cultural site. APS is aimed at academics, artists, curators, art historians and theorists working broadly, as well as art’s role within the history of Asia’s various forms of politics, social, and the public sphere in mobilizing opinion formation, discussion, education and political action among larger society. Call for Papers Art & the Public Sphere invites contributions from artists, curators, theorists, historians, and researchers. We seek articles that: - critically reflect upon the role of the art, artistic and curatorial practices in contemporary Asian society through theoretical approach and/or empirical investigation; - envision new methods and strategies to evaluate the impact of art, artistic and curatorial practices in Asia especially in terms of its engagement with the wider public and non-art audience; - question and expand already existing theories and practices in the realm of what is traditionally understood as alternative, community and public art in Asia; - reformulate art-historical canons by Asian artists and their works, writings or teachings, as well as their contributions to art theory, aesthetics and criticism and their contribution to the society at large.

Deadline: 14 August 2017


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