Zoom seminar: Mapping Medieval Japan, Feb. 11 and 12

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Please join us for a two-day seminar on maps and mapmaking, with a special emphasis on the way maps can illuminate medieval Japanese history, and including a workshop on mapmaking tools.  The seminar will take place on Zoom on Feb. 11 and 12.  To register for the zoom link:  https://dornsife.usc.edu/cjrc.




Friday Feb. 11


10:45 AM       Opening remarks, Janet Goodwin and Rebecca Corbett, USC

11 AM            Philip Garrett, Newcastle University: “The Sacred (and Economic) Geography of Medieval Kii”

12 Noon          Discussion and lunch break

1 PM               Mapmaking workshop with Andrzej Rutkowski, USC

                      (including a segment by Matthew Stavros on importing information from a Japanese national database of  cultural heritage into Google maps)

5:15 PM         Sasaki Ken’ichi, Meiji University: “Use of Maps for Archaeological-Investigations in Japan”

6:15 PM         Discussion


Saturday Feb. 12


12:45 PM         Welcome & opening remarks, Joan Piggott, USC

1 PM-2 PM       Michelle Damian, “Presenting Premodern Japan to a Wider Public: Using Storymaps to Illustrate Medieval       History

2 PM -3PM       Peter Shapinsky, University of Illinois, Springfield: “Mapping Human Trafficking in the Tsushima  Borderlands in  the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries”   

3 PM-4 PM     Discussion and break

4 PM-5 PM    Matthew Stavros, University of Sydney: “The ABCs of Medieval Kyoto’s Urban Plan: Axes, Boundaries, and  Cosmograms”

5 PM-6 PM   Gotō Makoto & Kameda Akihiro, National Museum of Japanese History: “Map Your Data with Japanese Historical Gazetteer: Dataset and Tools”

6 PM discussion