New Book Announcement: The Visual Culture of Meiji Japan: Negotiating the Transition to Modernity

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We are pleased to announce the publication of The Visual Culture of Meiji Japan: Negotiating the Transition to Modernity (Routledge, 2022) co-edited by Ayelet Zohar and Alison J Miller.

The book includes submissions by Michio Hayashi, Eugenia Bogdanova-Kummer, Michael Lucken, Oleg Benesch, Mary Redfern, Katherina Rode, Emiko Yamanashi, Chinghsin Wu, and Evelyn Schulz, and covers a wide range of Meiji visual culture in eleven chapters.

A brief summary: Through this important moment in Japanese history, contributors reflect on Japan’s transcultural artistic imagination vis-a-vis the discernment, negotiation, assimilation, and assemblage of diverse aesthetic concepts and visual pursuits. The collected chapters show how new cultural notions were partially modified and integrated to become the artistic methods of modern Japan, based on the hybridization of major ideologies, visualities, technologies, productions, formulations, and modes of representation. The book presents case studies of creative transformation demonstrating how new concepts and methods were perceived and altered to match views and theories prevalent in Meiji Japan, and by what means different practitioners negotiated between their existing skills and the knowledge generated from incoming ideas to create innovative modes of practice and representation that reflected the specificity of modern Japanese artistic circumstances.

The book is also available as a print or ebook through Routledge, Amazon, and, among other retailers.

Many thanks to our many colleagues who supported us as authors and co-editors, as well as to the contributors for their efforts.

Alison J Miller and Ayelet Zohar