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Dear H-Net Japan Members,

I am writing to announce the release of a brand new app called "The Hentaigana App" designed to help people learn to read hentaigana. The Android version can be downloaded from Google Play, or from this link:
The iOS version is still going through the application process but should be available next week. I'll send out a link to it as soon as it is ready.
"The Hentaigana App" was developed through a collaboration between UCLA and Waseda University as a project of the Tadashi Yanai Initiative for Globalizing Japanese Humanities, about which you can read here:
Created using hentaigana selected from shahon in the special collections of Waseda University Library, this app is the first of a series we plan to develop that will focus on particular styles of calligraphic Japanese, including not only hentaigana but cursive kanji.
If you download the app and find it useful (and hopefully fun and beautiful as well!), I hope you will give it a good review. Five star reviews, more than anything, help get people interested in apps, and our aim in designing this one was to make it appealing not only to students and scholars in Japanese studies, but also to people who would not ordinarily come in contact with hentaigana, but might nonetheless enjoy learning to read them.
Sincerely yours,
Michael Emmerich
Associate Professor of Japanese Literature
Asian Languages and Cultures
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