Call for participants: Peace and Stability in the Asia-Pacific Region, seminar series in Kobe

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Dear Colleagues:
We would like to invite to Kobe those who are interested in our joint project: "Peace and Stability in the Asia-Pacific Region: Multi-layered Analyses toward Formation of International Code of Conduct and Norm." We are particularly interested in those who are in the field of "Soft Power," such as literature, movies, culture, social linguistics, media, philosophy, etc. We will hold public seminars in Kobe in January or February 2022. Due to COVID-19, we will invite only those who are now in Japan. Here is a list of members in this project (as of 29 November) and their abstracts.

If you are interested, please send me your title, abstract, and cv to Yone Sugita japan1166@gmail.comWe will cover your domestic transportation and accommodation in Kobe.
Thank you.


Yone Sugita

Kobe Women's Junior College

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