[Deadline Approaching] Call for Applicants: JPP Sources in Translation Planning Team

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Dear colleagues,

This is a friendly reminder that the deadline (November 1) is approaching for applications for the Japan Past & Present (JPP) Sources in Translation Planning Team.

JPP is a digital platform project sponsored by the Yanai Initiative for Globalizing Japanese Humanities at UCLA and Waseda, invites applications for five posts: 1 Team Coordinator and 4 Team Collaborators, who will work on our new Sources in Translation Planning Team for approximately 4 months with possible extension for another term.

As we undertake the development of this pioneering open-access digital platform to support research and teaching in the Japanese humanities, one of our first goals is to create a single, comprehensive, multilingual database of Japanese-language materials in translation. The Sources in Translation Planning Team will be charged with thinking through fundamental issues relating to the creation of this database.

The team’s goals will be to: 1) identify appropriate parameters for a comprehensive, up-to-date database of primary sources (premodern, early modern, modern, and contemporary) in translation into as many languages as possible; 2) begin compiling a preliminary test dataset of resources and information for this database; and 3) recommend strategies and best practices for subsequent data acquisition and creation. 

Please see details below. For more information on the Japan Past & Present project, please see these recent announcements at UCLAWaseda University, and H-Net Japan.


Project: Japan Past & Present
Team: Sources in Translation Planning Team
Posts: 1 Team Coordinator; 4 Team Collaborators
Term: 4 months, with extension possible (start date January 2022)
Commitment: Team Coordinator - est. 4 hrs/week; Team Collaborator - est. 3 hrs/week
Compensation: $30 USD/hour*

Variations in compensation may apply depending on laws or regulations pertaining to your individual circumstances or institution.


  • BA or BS degree
  • scholars of all disciplines, specializations, and career stages in Japanese humanities are invited to apply


For all team members:

  • knowledge of diverse Japanese sources and research materials
  • A working knowledge of/proficiency in the Japanese language
  • familiarity with Japanese scholarship and publications
  • good communication skills; responsive to electronic communication
  • familiarity with (or eagerness to learn about) digital project management platforms and database development

For Team Coordinator: 

  • leadership, organizational, and management skills
  • ability to set priorities and schedules for a team

** Established or retired scholars who do not wish to be formally compensated have the option of reallocating a portion or all of their compensation to sponsor other Japan Past & Present projects, such as student conference awards, workshop grants, or other forthcoming events. Please contact the Operations Leader for Japan Past & Present, Paula R. Curtis (admin@japanpastandpresent.org) for details.


All team members are responsible for the following:

  • collaboratively creating a document for presentation to the Operations Leader and others overseeing the Japan Past & Present project that outlines team conclusions about database design, with consideration of both information organization (e.g., a work’s title, attribution, etc.) and user experience
  • developing a strategy for creating the proposed database, including identifying existing data sources, potential collaborators, and data acquisition techniques
  • pursuing any necessary targeted information from specialists (e.g., surveys)
  • meeting regularly with your collaborators on team progress
  • liaising with Japan specialists familiar with translations in various languages

Team Coordinators will further be responsible for:

  • organizing regular meetings with their team to report on progress
  • coordinating and communicating short term and long term goals with their team members
  • meeting once every 2 weeks with the Operations Leader to consult on progress and goals

Application Deadline: November 1, 2021

Application Requirements:

1) Form: https://forms.gle/be584A3fTgsYUGYQ7 

2) PDF: Please provide a 1 page document with your name, email contact, and a statement of 500 words or less describing your interest in this position and any relevant experience related to your eligibility and the requirements listed in the advertisement.

3) PDF: A curriculum vitae (no longer than 4 pages).

PDF Documents should be emailed to Paula R. Curtis (admin@japanpastandpresent.org) with the subject “Sources in Translation Planning Team Application". Incomplete applications will not be considered, so do not forget to also email requirements #1 & #2!

We look forward to reviewing your applications!


Michael Emmerich
Director, Yanai Initiative for Globalizing Japanese Humanities

Paula R. Curtis
Operations Leader
Japan Past & Present