Kansai Forum for Japan-U.S. Intellectual Exchange on October 22 2021(19:00-20:30 JST)

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October 19, 2021 to October 22, 2021
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American History / Studies, Japanese History / Studies

Kansai Forum for Japan-U.S. Intellectual Exchange on October 22 2021 (19:00-20:30 JST)

The Attack on Pearl Harbor as Military History: Between the Study on Outbreak of the U.S.-Japan War and the Eyewitness Testimonies of War Veterans 

Many scholars study political diplomacy leading to the outbreak of the war between Japan and the United States and the significance of the Hawaii Operation. They will continue to research the future. This year marks the 80th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor, namely eighty years have passed since the outbreak of the war between Japan and the United States. On the other hand, the number of people who directly experienced such a war almost becomes nonexistent. The “military history” traced from the testimonies is immobilizing these days.
In this presentation, the speaker tries to find the node point of the historiographic research on military history and the various testimonies in which the speaker directly interviewed the soldiers who participated in the Hawaii Operation.

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Tenured Lecturer, Osaka University of Tourism
He was born in Osaka Prefecture in 1980. He learned at the Faculty of Policy Management, Keio University, and the School of Government, Graduate School of Law, Kyoto University. After working at Osaka International University, Kogakukan University, and Meijo University, he dedicates himself to education and research at Osaka University of Tourism. In addition to his research on modern politics and diplomacy, he has also conducted interviews with war veterans in Japan and visited Shinto shrines throughout Japan. 
Imperial Navy and Shinto Shrine in the Warship, Track of Imperial Navy Introduction of Nihon Shoki (Chronicles of Japan): Definitive Edition(Co-author: TAKEDA Tsuneyasu) He writes many articles and papers other than the above works.

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