CFA: Online Workshop on “Preparing for a Post-COVID World: Japanese and Asian Higher Education Student Experiences in Australia"

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Attention ECRs and scholars working on student mobility in Asia and Australia!

We are delighted to announce our upcoming online workshop on the experience of international students in Australia, looking specifically at India, China and Japan, on 17-28 October 2021 (Australian time).


This workshop, designed to bring together emerging researchers working on Japanese and Asian university student experience in contemporary Australia, aims to showcase new perspectives, findings, and reflections in the area. Each abstract (150 to 200 words) for a 20-minute presentation, should address one or more aspects of international students’ life, political, and/or cultural experience in contemporary Australia, focusing on Japanese, Chinese or Indian students.   


The workshop will include eight presentations, including four focusing on Japanese cases, and two on Chinese and Indian cases respectively. It will open with a keynote address by Professor Vera Mackie, Emeritus Professor of Asian and International Studies in the School of Humanities and Social Inquiry at the University of Wollongong, on the relationship between Japan, Asia and Australia. 


All presenters will participate in a master class on engaging with end-users. Experienced experts, including Professor Shamit Saggar, Director of the UWA Public Policy Institute, will provide individualised advice on translating academic research into policy, social, and industrial impacts. In addition, each presenter is expected to produce an 800-word op-ed based on their presentation. These op-eds will be published on the project website and form a part of the final project report. 


An honorarium will be offered to vulnerable scholars* who give a presentation, participate in both days of the workshop, and submit their op-ed on time. The presenters will also be invited to contribute to subsequent academic projects, including an edited volume on comparative Asian higher education mobilities in contemporary Australia. 


All abstracts, along with a short bio of approximately 100 words, should be sent to by Thursday, 15 August 2021. The selection results will be announced by the end of August. 


For more information on the project, please visit:  


* As per the JF guidelines: vulnerable scholars are defined as: a) international PhD students without scholarships; b) recently graduated PhD students; c) scholars reliant on casual university teaching/research contracts that have not been or will not be renewed; d) scholars approaching the end of a fixed-term university teaching/research contract that will not be renewed.

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