14 articles and author interviews on "Vulnerable Populations in Japan under Covid"

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We are very happy to announce the first set of publications from our project. 





Please see the online set of papers in the Special Issue: Vulnerable Populations Under COVID-19 in Japan of Asia-Pacific Journal--Japan Focus





Download the booklet of links to the interviews with the authors of these articles:  COMPREHENSIVE BOOKLET OF THE LECTURE SERIES





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The articles are on different vulnerable populations in Japan in the wake of the new coronavirus pandemic. Our goal is to capture the voices and situations of those who have been most directly affected by the virus and to document the conditions that made them vulnerable in the first place.These articles are perfect for undergraduate coursework as well as a great start for more advanced research.



The interviews are an informal chance to meet the authors where we get a chance to discuss some of the methodological challenges of data collection under Covid.  




I'd like to than Jeff Kingston and Mark Selden at Japan Focus for their support in getting the papers together. And I'd like to thank Megha Wadhwa and Higashiura Miwa at the Institute of Comparative Culture for their hard work on this project. 





David H. Slater

Professor of Cultural Anthropology

Sophia University Institute of Comparative Culture





An introduction to the whole collection

Vulnerable Populations in Japan under Covid-19: A lull in the storm

by David H. Slater

Introduction by David


How are Tokyo’s Independent Restauranteurs Surviving the Pandemic?

James Farrer, Sophia University

Wednesday, October 7, 5-6pm

Discussion with author


The Coronavirus Crisis: Disability Politics and Activism in Contemporary Japan

Mark Bookman, University of Pennsylvania

Wednesday, October 14, 7-8pm

Discussion with author


Domestic Violence and Japan’s COVID-19 pandemic

Rei Ando, Sophia University and Nakajima Sachi, Resilience

Wednesday, October 21, 7-8pm

Discussion with author and expert


In the Age of COVID-19 – Indian restaurants and the Indian cooks in Japan

Megha Wadhwa, Sophia University

Wednesday, October 28, 7-8pm

Discussion with author and short film


Japanese Freelance Workers Struggle during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Social Media, Critique, and Political Resistance
Satsuki Uno, Global Marketer and localizer for a Japanese Gaming Company

Robin O’Day, University of North Georgia

Wednesday, November 4, 7-8pm

Discussion with author 


Resilient Japanese Local Food Systems Thrive during COVID-19: Ten Groups, Ten Outcomes (十人十色 jyu-nin-to-iro)
Jack Lichten, Tokyo University and Chika Kondo, Kyoto University

Wednesday, November 25, 7-8pm

Discussion with author


Isolated Together: Amplified vulnerabilities in Japan’s Children’s Homes

Sarajean Rossitto, Tokyo-based social impact architect and

Kozue Oka, Executive Director, Mirai no Mori

TuesdayDecember 2, 7-8pm

Discussion with author

Limitations of Social Protections of Migrant Families in Japan Exposed by COVID-19: The Case of Nepalese Women

Masako Tanaka, Sophia University

Wednesday, December 3, 7-8pm

Discussion with author


COVID-19 in Japan: A Nighttime Disease

Valentina Giammaria, Sophia University

Wednesday, December 9, 7-8pm

Discussion with author


Food Crisis for the Homeless and others during COVID-19

Charles E. McJilton, Sophia University

Wednesday, January 27, 7-8pm



Vietnamese Technical Trainees in Japan Voice Concerns Amidst COVID-19

Ban Quyen Tran, Sophia University, February 17, 7-8pm

Discussion with author


The Whole Block Goes Down: Refugees in Japan’s detention centers during the pandemic

David H. Slater, Sophia University and Rose Barbaran, Filmmaker of refugee life and politics in Tokyo, March 3, 7-8pm


Discussion with author and short film

Makiko Deguchi and Matsumoto Chie