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H-Announce and H-Net Subscribers,

H-History-and Theory is currently recruiting a new editorial team. We are looking for dedicated individuals willing to provide their time and expertise. H-History-and-Theory includes a substantial subscriber list and needs editors with the energy to rebirth the feed into a considerable outlet for Historical Theory on H-Net.

H-History-and-Theory specifically includes the objective of increasing and broadening communication among those interested in critical philosophy of history, speculative philosophy of history, historiography, history of historiography, historical methodology, critical theory, time and culture, and related disciplines.

At this stage, H-History-Theory is looking for two groups of editors:

Content Editors:

As the feed gets moving again, the prime need is for content editors to monitor the incoming H-Net e-mails and curate postings for the H-History-and-Theory feed. This work is usually completed with other editors on a rotational basis and rarely takes considerable time commitments. In general, content editors can move into more personal projects on the feed after a time of routinization concerning the standard editorial work. These more original projects can possibly include interviews, recent article collation, syllabus collections for pedagogical development, media listings of other scholars and students, and even more creative connections to social media. Once the feed is moving with a solid base of multiple content editors, these more original and creative roles can be created. One of the primary advantages of this position is the ability to guide the feed from its rebirth, helping to expand the network to new and formative spaces. As such, once a few editors are on board, the initial goal will be to set a new opening blurb as statement for the feed.

Book Review Editors:

H-History-and Theory wishes to be a leader on H-Net for posting book reviews. The feed can accommodate many topics concerning Critical Theory, Interdisciplinarity, Intersectionality, and Historical Philosophy. As such, the feed desires numerous Book Review Editors with expertise in diverse branches of History-and-Theory. Book Review Editors must complete the H-Net Review Management System training before they begin sending out books for review. The editors of the feed can assist in this process and with more informal questions for initial review editors starting the process. Book Review Editors at H-Net must have the PhD.


At this stage, H-History-and-Theory is requesting applications for these two groups of editors. To keep things simple, please provide a CV, the position you are hoping to assist with, and an e-mail note that provides how you envision assisting H-History-and-Theory moving forward.

Please e-mail this information to with the subject heading “H-History-Theory”.

Stay safe.


Andrew Kettler

Editor, H-History-and-Theory

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Andrew Kettler

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