New Book: Nadine Willems on Transnational Anarchism in Early Twentieth-Century Japan

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I would like to alert members to the publication of my book, Ishikawa Sanshirō’s Geographical Imagination: Transnational Anarchism and the Reconfiguration of Everyday Life in Early Twentieth-Century Japan, published in September 2020 by Leiden University Press in the "Critical, Connected Histories" series.  291p. ISBN: 9789087283438


Ishikawa Sanshirō (1876-1956) was a journalist and anarchist, active at a time of tremendous intellectual and social ferment. Geographical Imagination investigates his engagement with causes such as farmers’ autonomy, gender equality, "non-war" and anti-pollution. Through Ishikawa’s personal journey – which includes several years of European exile – the book invites us to reconsider the scope and ambitions of anarchism in Japan and reassesses geographical thought as a basis for dialogue between Eastern and Western radical thinkers in the early twentieth century.


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Nadine Willems

University of East Anglia, U.K.