The "Rebirth" of Japanese Studies (final submissions online)

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Dear all,

It is with great pleasure and appreciation for our participants that I announce both the final round of comments and my closing remarks for The "Rebirth" of Japanese Studies virtual roundtable are now uploaded online. This roundtable has been an incredible opportunity to discuss the future of Japanese Studies with a wide variety of people in the field.

In addition to reflections on the event as a whole, my closing remarks also offer information on the technical processes and ethical concerns that went into conducting a roundtable virtually, so that this may serve as an example for those who consider holding conferences or discussions in online forms in the future. I have also provided a feedback form for readers to share their thoughts on the format and content shared.

I hope that this roundtable has been helpful for readers of all kinds, but especially those in Japanese Studies who feel that they have struggled to be heard and that their needs have yet to be met. Many of the reflections that appear in this virtual roundtable are not specific to Japanese Studies alone, but have implications for Asian Studies, area studies, and academia more broadly. So please consider reading and let us know if the roundtable was useful to you.


Best wishes,



Paula R. Curtis
Postdoctoral Associate and Lecturer in History
Council on East Asian Studies
Yale University