Noh Utai Online Workshop June 29 - July 24

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Dear list,

Apologies for crossposting as always.

I hope this finds everyone well. Below is information regarding Theatre Nohgaku’s Online Noh Training Project.

With no one really able to come to us in Japan, we are attempting to come to you.

Yoroshiku onegaishimasu,

John Oglevee

Noh Training Project Online

Due to the current global pandemic we’ve had to cancel all our intensive summer workshops including NTP Japan, NTPUK, as well as our first attempt at NTP Sweden in collaboration with Folkteatern Gävleborg.

Our Mask Making workshop will proceed <>, but please check your own country's travel restrictions and any advisories from the Government of Japan <>.

While facts regarding the world’s stasis are elusive and prevent us from knowing what the future holds for any of us, one thing we’re certain of is the benefit that comes from practicing noh. 

The extensive use of both breath and body control in noh reminds the practitioner that each of us are moving, breathing beings. Re-establishing a connection to the quiet inside us is the first step at truly “enjoying” noh. It’s a great way to learn how to “Be. Here. Now." 

Many of us want to study noh, but the costs of travel and accommodations can be a daunting challenge even at the best of times. We’re going to make a delectable refreshing summer beverage out of a cascade of sour fruit. TN is happy to introduce this new program of online instruction in noh chant.

WHAT: Theater Nohgaku NTP Online Utai Workshop
WHEN: June 29-July 24, 2020

•Workshop instructed by professional Kita School shite-kata (lead actors) Teruhisa Oshima and Kinue Oshima, as well as TN members Richard Emmert and John Oglevee in the practice of utai, or noh chant

•Novices as well as those with experience in noh chant are welcome to apply

•Participants will meet privately online with both a professional and, where needed, a TN member/translator twice a week over four weeks for 30-minute utai lessons. There will also be group meetings scheduled once a week to discuss any questions for those interested. Finalized times of both private lessons and group meetings will be determined by the location of workshop participants and their own availability

•All materials including digital files of utai-bon (chant books) and recordings of the chant by the professional instructors will be available for the duration of the course

•TN members will also be available for supplementary private lessons and/or consultations by request

•Participants will receive a certificate of completion if they successfully attend all scheduled sessions

Upon workshop completion, ongoing instruction will be possible by arrangement with TN and the Kita School instructors. For questions, or to register, please contact us at: <>

Thank you as always for your interest in our work. We hope you'll be
able to join us for this unique chance to continue learning.