Traditional Theater Training, Kyoto (summer 2020)

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Dear Friends and Colleagues, 

Come to Kyoto this summer to train with masters of traditonal theater and dance! Be part of a specially selected group from around the world that wishes to enhance performace skills, deepen understanding of traditional Japan, supplement literary studies, and more.

I will be directing the 36th annual Traditional Theater Training (T.T.T.) 2020, held at the Kyoto Art Center, and am excited to share a bit about the program. 

T.T.T. is a three-week summer intensive training program that introduces the traditional arts of nō, kyōgen, and Nihon buyō. There is also an optional kotsuzumi (nō shoulder drum) course open to those interested. The program is based on the practice-recital approach, and aims to allow participants to learn the skills and spirit of traditional performing arts. Each year, we welcome around 24 students, professional performing artists, and academics from at least ten countries, including Japan. 

This year's program will take place from July 11th to August 2nd. We will be accepting applications until March 30th, 2020. Applicants will be notified of acceptance no later than the end of April. Tthose requiring letters of invitation/support to help secure funding should contact me directly.

The instructors will be Katayama Shingo, Tamoi Hiromichi, and Oe Nobuyuki (nō); Shigeyama Akira, Maruishi Yasushi, and Shigeyama Sennojō III (kyōgen); and Wakayagi Yayoi and pupils (Nihon buyō). Fluency in Japanese is not required of participants, though lessons will typically be given in the language (with interpreters on hand). Our final recital will be held in Japan's oldest commerical family noh theater, participants professionally dressed.

For application forms or more information, contact Kyoto Art Center (in Japanese or English) at, or contact me directly. You may also call +81 (0)75-213-1000 or visit the KAC website at

We look forward to seeing many of you (and your students) in Kyoto this summer! Please plan ahead as flights are expected to fill up quickly due to the Tokyo Olympics. In the meantine, you can find more information about this year's program on our Facebook page. 

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