NEW PUBLICATION: Cultural and Social Division in Contemporary Japan: Rethinking Discourses of Inclusion and Exclusion

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Dear Colleagues,


(With apologies for cross posting) I am delighted to be able to announce that Cultural and Social Division in Contemporary Japan: Rethinking Discourses of Inclusion and Exclusion has been published in both E-Book and Hardback format by Routledge – details here:


This book explores not only how Japanese society is diversified and unequal, but also how diversity and inequality have caused people to divide into separate realities from which conflict and violence have emerged. It empirically examines the current situation while considering the historical development of exclusionism from the interdisciplinary viewpoints of history, policy studies, cultural studies, sociology, and cultural anthropology. In addition to analyzing the realities of division and exclusionism, the authors propose theoretical alternatives to overcome such cultural and social divides. This volume also introduces numerous Japanese scholars who have not published their research in English before.


In addition to chapters on Japan’s ethnic minorities (Ainu, Burakumin, Zainichi Koreans, Okinawa) authors of this volume have attempted to expand the research category of ‘minorities’ to include international marriages, those of mixed-race (hāfu), undocumented residents, refugee/asylum seekers, LGBT parents, disabled persons, the homeless and Fukushima nuclear evacuees.


I hope the book will be of interest to not only scholars of Japan and East Asia, but also those interested in cultural diversity, multiculturalism, xenophobia, immigration, race and ethnicity, nationalism, neoliberalism and cosmopolitanism.


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Joel Matthews