New Publication - Journal of Religion in Japan 8.1-3 special issue on secularities in Japan

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We are pleased to announce that the Journal of Religion in Japan (JRJ) 8.1-3 has been published in December 2019 and is now available. Please see:


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The Editors

Elisabetta Porcu and James Mark Shields


Journal of Religion in Japan 8.1-3 (2019) - Special issue "Secularities in Japan"


Ugo Dessì and Christoph Kleine

INTRODUCTION: Secularities in Japan



Christoph Kleine

Formations of Secularity in Ancient Japan? On Cultural Encounters, Critical Junctures, and Path-Dependent Processes


Katja Triplett

Religion, Medicine and the Notion of Charity in Early Jesuit Missionary Pursuits in Buddhist Japan


Kawata Koh

Secularization and the Jōruri Plays: The Decline of Religious Belief and the Search for Secular Salvation in Early Modern Japan


Hans Martin Krämer

“Even Three-Year-Old Children Know That the Source of Enlightenment is not Religion but Science”: Modern Japanese Buddhism between ‘Religion’ and ‘Science,’ 1860s–1910s 98


Fujiwara Satoko

Practicing Belonging? Non-religiousness in Twenty-First Century Japan


Aike P. Rots

World Heritage, Secularisation, and the New “Public Sacred” in East Asia



Richard M. Jaffe, Seeking Śākyamuni: South Asia in the Formation of Modern Japanese Buddhism By Micah L. Auerback

Levi McLaughlin, Soka Gakkai’s Human Revolution: The Rise of a Mimetic Nation in Modern Japan By Nakano Tsuyoshi

Imai Nobuharu, Otaku bunka to shūkyō no rinkai: Jōhō, shōhi, basho o meguru shūkyō shakaigakuteki kenkyū (The Threshold between Otaku Culture and Religion: Information, Consumption, and Place) By Dale K. Andrews

Melinda Papp, Shichigosan: Change and Continuity of a Family Ritual in Contemporary Urban Japan By Ferenc Takó

Fabio Rambelli ed., The Sea and the Sacred in Japan: Aspects of Maritime Religion By Aike P. Rots

Aike P. Rots, Shintō, Nature and Ideology in Contemporary Japan: Making Sacred Forests By Thomas Gimbel

Markus Rüsch, Argumente des Heiligen: Rhetorische Mittel und narrative Strukturen in Hagiographien am Beispeile des japanischen Mönchs Shinran (Arguments of Holy: Rhetorics and narrative structures in hagiographies—the example of the Japanese monk Shinran) By Galen Amstutz


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Department of Religious Studies

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