New publication - The Origins of the Modern Japanese Bureaucracy

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We're very glad to announce the publication by Bloomsbury Academic of The Origins of the Modern Japanese Bureaucracy, the English-language translation of Yuichiro Shimizu's 2013 monograph Kindai Nihon no kanryo.

The book traces the rise of the modern Japanese bureaucracy from the Meiji Restoration to the Taisho era. Combining careful political analysis with vivid personal stories, the book offers a cutting-edge analysis of how individual ambition, new educational institutions, and incipient state structures interacted to create a modern government based not on lineage or status but on merit and talent.

Sections of the book that examine the origins of universities and government exams in Japan, replete with whimsical, all-too-familiar stories of college students and their professors, are particularly well suited for use in undergraduate classes; for graduate students and scholars in modern Japanese history, politics, or sociology, the book promises to be at once an indispensable reference text and a stimulating theoretical interlocutor.

A link to the book's website can be found here:

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Yuichiro Shimizu, Ph.D.
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