Symposium in Paris, June 6-8: Does Nature Think?

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Dear colleagues

The Graduate School of Letters at Kyoto University co-organizes a symposium on nature that will take place in Paris on June 6-8. If you happen to be in the area, you're more than welcome to attend.

Please see below and check the link for details:

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Roman Paşca

Kyoto University



La nature pense-t-elle ?/ Does Nature Think ? 自然は考えるのか?

2019 June 6-8

UNESCO (June 6th, 7th) / Maison de la Culture du Japon à Paris (June 8th)

Directed by
Frédéric JOULIAN (EHESS, Centre Norbert Elias)
Yoann MOREAU (Mines ParisTech, Crisis and Risk Research Center)
UEHARA Mayuko (Kyoto University, Graduate School of Letters)

Globally, our environment is no longer in a state about which we can be
optimistic. Anthropocene compels us to fundamentally reconsider the modern
conception of nature as a mere object. Augustin Berque, a French advocate of
mesology (Uexkül's Umweltlehre, Watsuji's fūogaku, i.e. the study of milieu)
suggested the strange question “does nature think?” as the theme of this
international conference. The aim of the conference is to re-examine the
modern view of nature, whereby human beings are seen as holding a
transcendental position. We will invite 25 to 30 researchers from different fields
(anthropology, geography, philosophy, Buddhism, human environmental studies,
primatology, agricultural science, oceanography, law, history of Western art,
etc. ), as well as practitioners who directly face and work within nature, to
discuss together, in an intercultural and interdisciplinary approach, a series of
questions centering on the problem of what may or may not distinguish human
thinking from the diverse types of self-awareness and communication,
discovered by ethology and biosemiotics, to exist among other living beings.