TOC: East Asian Journal of Popular Culture 5.1 (April 2019)

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Intellect is delighted to announce that the East Asian Journal of Popular Culture 5.1 is now available! For more information about the issue, click here >>

Aims & Scope

The East Asian Journal of Popular Culture is the first academic peer-reviewed journal for scholars, teachers and students from around the world who have an active and passionate interest in the popular culture of East Asia. The journal is devoted to all aspects of popular culture in East Asia and the interplay between East Asia and the wider world.

Issue 5.1

Ann Heylen and Kate Taylor-Jones


The voices of adult anime/‘manga’ fans in Australia: Motivations, consumption patterns and intentions to learn the Japanese language
Sumiko Iida and William S. Armour

The Olympic decathlete who became a shaman: C. K. Yang and the masculine body in modern Taiwan
Andrew D. Morris

The controversial flag dress: Collective memory, cyberspace and civil society in a rising China
En Li

Does the democratic West ‘learn’ from the authoritarian East? Juxtaposing German and Chinese Internet censorship and filter bubbles
Maria Faust

Book Reviews

Supercell’s Supercell Featuring Hatsune Miku, Keisuke Yamada (2017) Perfume’s Game, Patrick St. Michel (2018)
Nick Poulakis

Yoko Kanno’s Cowboy Bebop Soundtrack, Rose Bridges (2016)
Kosuke Fujiki

Interpreting Anime, Christopher Bolton (2018) The Anime Ecology: A Genealogy of Television, Animation and Game Media, Thomas Lamarre (2018)
Thomas E. McAuley

The Global Road Movie: Alternative Journeys around the World, Jose Duarte and Timothy Corrigan (eds) (2018)
John A. Riley

Queer Comrades: Gay Identity and Tongzhi Activism in Postsocialist China, Hongwei Bao (2018)
Ting Guo

Queer/Tongzhi China: New Perspectives on Research, Activism, and Media Cultures, Elisabeth L. Engebretsen, William F. Schroeder and Hongwei Bao (eds) (2015)
Ting Guo

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