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The East Asian Library at Heidelberg University (Germany) offers a large amount of duplicates for free (except postage). Private requests are welcome.


Unfortunately we cannot provide a list of titles, but we have uploaded images of the duplicates, where they will be available until Monday, April 15, 2019. If interested please visit Heidelberg duplicates and send us your selection before that date.


The collection includes books from:

The Japanese Studies Department (mainly Photos 001-026)

The East-Asian Art History Department (mainly Photos 027-031)

The Sinology Department (from Photo 032 onward)

Chinese Textbooks and Dictionaries (mainly Photos 222-231)

There are also Korean books as well as books about Korea scattered across the collection.


Please understand that the photo numbers above are for general reference only; books belonging to a certain category may also be found in other sections.


To order a book please send the book titles along with their corresponding photo numbers to the following address: boa@zo.uni-heidelberg.de. Please also provide your shipping address. Postage will be invoiced in a separate mail.


With kind regards,

Hanno Lecher


Hanno Lecher

Leiter, Bereichsbibliothek Ostasien, Universität Heidelberg

Head, East Asian Library, Heidelberg University

海德堡大學東亞圖書館館長 / 海德堡大学东亚图书馆馆长

ハイデルベルク大学 東アジア図書館長

하이델베르크대학교 동아시아도서관 관장


Visiting address:  Akademiestr. 4-8, 69117 Heidelberg, Germany

Contact:                 Tel: +49-6221-54 7674    Fax: +49-6221-54 7639

WWW:                    http://boa.uni-hd.de/

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