Annual Meeting: Society for the History of Japanese Economic Thought

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We are pleased to announce that our annual meeting will be held at
Fukushima University (Fukudai) on June 7-8, 2014.
Access (in Japanese):

The Society for the History of Japanese Economic Thought (SHJET)
Annual Meeting

June 7, Saturday
Opening Remarks by NAKAMURA Muneyoshi (President of SHJET), Daito Bunka University

Greetings by KIKUCHI Sōzō, Fukushima University

13:10  Panel Session: ŌTSUKA Hisao and Japanese Economic Thought

KIKUCHI Sōzō, Fukushima University
‘Introduction to the Hisao Ōtsuka Collection at Fukushima University’

TSUNEKI Kentarō, Senshū University
‘ŌTSUKA Hisao and Max Weber’s "Betrieb”’

SAITŌ Eiri, Musashino University
‘ŌTSUKA Hisao’s ”Comparative Economic History”:
Japan Seen through the Comparison of England and the Netherlands’

MICHISHIGE Ichirō, Toyo University
‘The Image and Reality of ŌTSUKA Hisao’s National Economy’

17:15-18:00  Annual Assembly
18:20-  Reception, Fukushima University Coop Restaurant ”Green”

June 8, Sunday
Individual Papers:

9:45-10:45  UETANI Shigeyuki, Kawakami Hajime Society (Kyoto)
‘KAWAKAMI Hajime’s Understanding of Historical Materialism in the early 1920s’
Chair: MITA Takeshi, Meiji University

10:55-11:55  MINAMIMORI Shigeta, PhD Cand., Kwansei Gakuin University
‘The Maintenance of the Sanda Ōkan Road (Arimakaido) in Meiji 7 (1874): Local Leadership and the Role of Hyōgo Prefecture‘
Chair: KENJŌ Teiji, Chiba University

12:50-13:50  NAKAKITAURA Junki, PhD.Cand., Doshisha University
‘The Economic Thought of SEKI Hajime and KOBAYASHI Ichizō on Railroads: From the Point of View of Public Works and Public Utilities’
Chair: KAMIKUBO Satoshi, Osaka Institute of Technology

14:00-15:00  MURAKAMI Mayuko, PhD.Cand., Tohoku University
‘The Historical Significance of Coins in Ancient Japan’
Chair: KOMURO Masamichi, Keio University

15:10-16:10 KOJIMA Shō  (Yoshino Sakuzō Memorial Museum)
‘HIRATSUKA Raichō’s Activities in Consumer Cooperatives’
Chair: FUJII Takashi, Teikyo University

16:15  Closing Remarks

For the Program in Japanese, go to 
(The presentations are given in Japanese)
The Japanese announcement was released by the SHJET Secretariat.
We welcome anyone who is interested in the history of Japanese
economic thought. Please contact me if you have questions about
attending a meeting or presenting a paper (preferably in Japanese).
Aiko IKEO (on the board of directors)