CONFERENCE: Buddhism and Ritual Performance in Pre-Modern Japan, McGill University, Sept. 28, 2018

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Dear all, 

please find an updated conference schedule below. I would also like to thank BDK Canada and CREOR McGill for their financial support. This is our second conference in two years, and it is my hope that I can develop this into an annual conference solely devoted to the study of pre-modern Japanese religion and history.

Best wishes,

Mikael Bauer



Buddhism and Ritual Performance in Pre-modern Japan 

McGill University, School of Religious Studies, Birks Building, September 28 2018


Welcome : Garth Green (Head of the School of Religious Studies, McGill)



9.00 am “We Need Your Liver: Buddhist Miracle Tales With Puppets as Performance Medium”

Jane Marie Law (Cornell University); Respondent: Thomas Lamarre (McGill) 


9.30 am “Mechanisms for Female Enlightenment within Zenchiku’s Tamakazura and Nonomiya"

Matthew Chudnow  (Gettysburg College)


10.00 am “Idolized Boys on Stage: Warawa-mai as a Power-Generating Machinery in Medieval Elite Society”

Sachi Schmidt-Hori (Darthmouth)


10.30 Coffee Break


11.00 am “Picturing Performances and Performing Pictures: The Ritual Dimensions of Pure Land Picture Scrolls”

Chris Callahan (University of Illinois)


11.30 Lunch Break                                                   12.30 Visit Rare Books Collection 


2.00 pm Dance and Laughter in the Face of Corruption: Re-assessing the Sakura-e Dharma Assembly in the Tengu Scrolls

Eric Swanson  (Harvard University)


2.30 pm Pedagogy in Performance: Devotion and Emergent Ritual Learning in Kakuban’s  Shari kuyō  shiki  Matthew R. Hayes (UCLA)


3.00 pm Coffee Break


3.30 pm The Development of Yogacara Contemplative Practice in the Japanese Hossō School Jingjing Li (McGill)


4.00 Ritualising Law and loyalty in early medieval Kōyasan land

Philip Garrett (Newcastle, UK)


4.30 pm The Jion’e and ritual performance in the Hossō school

Mikael Bauer (McGill)


5.00 Conclusion and response   Aaron Proffitt (Albany) 


5.30 Conference Dinner at the McGill Faculty Club (by invitation only)





Mikael Bauer

Assistant Professor of Japanese Religions (Buddhism)



McGill University

Birks Building 004


3520 rue University

Montreal, QC H3A 2A7