Monumenta Nipponica 72-1 now available

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Dear list members, 

As some among you just got back from the EAJS conference, we are happy to announce that the new issue of Monumenta Nipponica will be shipped out to our subscribers this week and should be up on Project MUSE within the next few weeks.

Issue 72:1 starts off with the nineteenth century. The article by Sugimoto Fumiko elaborates on the bird’s-eye view prints produced by Gountei Sadahide during the bakumatsu period; it is illustrated with twelve color images for the reader to enjoy alongside the text. The second article takes us to the twentieth century with part 1 of Scott Mehl’s translation, with introduction, of the annotated poem My Izumo, My Requiem (1968) by Irisawa Yasuo. Part 2, to be published in our next issue, will contain the translation of Irisawa’s lengthy notes.

(In a recent thread of an online list, scholars mentioned how important it is for journals to carry translations as well as research articles, and it is MN’s pleasure to continue answering this call in keeping with its long-established mission.) 

We trust readers will appreciate the reviews of twenty books that round out this issue, providing an overview of current trends in the field of Japanese studies. 

We would like here to express once more our gratitude to all scholars who were involved in bringing this issue together.

An alert to those who have a professional or personal interest in editorial style and citation format: MN 72:1 is the pilot issue for the application of our new style sheet, and a few sample references from the issue will be included in the next updated version to be uploaded to our website. 


Thank you as always for your continual support to the journal. 

Bettina Gramlich-Oka




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