CONFERENCE: Literature after 3.11 Today, Paris, June 21-22

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Forwarded to you on behalf of Professor Bayard-Sakai, with greetings from the EAJS Office.



Dear Colleagues,


Please find below and in attached file the programme of the international conference Literature after 3.11 Today, which will be held at INALCO (Paris), on June 21-22.


Best regards,


Anne Bayard-Sakai



Professor (Department of Japanese Studies/Centre of Japanese Studies)

INALCO (French National Institute of Oriental Languages and Civilizations)<><>



65 rue des Grands Moulins

75013 Paris France








Literature after 3.11 Today

INALCO (Paris) June 21-22, 2018

Room 3.05, on the third floor of the main building of INALCO

(65 rue des Grands Moulins, 75013 Paris)


[June 21, Thursday 9h20-19h]


9h20-9h30 Introduction: Anne Bayard-Sakai, Saeko Kimura

9h30-10h  Mitsuyoshi Numano (University of Tokyo)

Opening Talk: 「あの日」を越えて――私たちはみな震災後への亡命者である

[Moderator: Rachel DiNitto (University of Oregon)]

10h-10h30  Cécile Duquenne (Université d’Aix-Marseille)

         La littérature comme lieu des effets contaminants du nucléaire après le 11 mars 2011

10h30-11h  Filippo Cervelli (University of Oxford)

Animals in a Plant: Rereading Takahashi Genichirō’s Post 3.11 Literature Today<http://airmail.calendar/2018-06-01%2012:00:00%20BST>

11h-11h15  Coffee Break

11h15-11h45  Kristina Iwata-Weickgenannt (Nagoya University)

          The Roads to Disaster, or Rewriting History from the Margins:

Yū Miri’s JR Ueno Station Park Exit

11h45-12-15  Hitomi Yoshio (Waseda University)

          Catastrophe and the Mundane: Kawakami Mieko’s Poetic Response to 3.11

12h15-13h  Discussion


13h-14h  Lunch Break


[Tawada Yoko Panel, moderator: Daniel O'Neill (UC Berkeley)]

14h-14h30  Kim Seungyeon (Ritsumeikan University)


14h30-15h  Reiko Abe Auestad (University of Oslo)

         Seven Years after the 3.11: Rethinking the human-nonhuman continuum

in Tawada Yoko's Kentōshi (The Emissary 2014)

15h-15h30  Dan Fujiwara (Université de Toulouse)

         Entre texte et contexte : le 11 mars dans les romans de Tawada Yôko

15h30-16h  Bernard Banoun (Sorbonne Université) Commentator

16-16h15 Coffee Break

16h15-16h45  Doug Slaymaker (University of Kentucky)

          言葉と場所: Thinking about Language and Place in Kimura Yūsuke’s fiction

16h45-17h15  Saeko Kimura (Tsuda University)


17h15-18h  Discussion

18h-18h15  Break

[Moderator: Chikae Kaihara (Tsuda University)]

18h15-19h  Yūsuke Kimura 木村友祐



[June 22, Friday 9h30-18h30]


[Moderator: Kristina Iwata-Weickgenannt (Nagoya University) ]

9h30-10h  Yoshizumi Higuchi (Kanto Gakuin University)


10h-10h30  Justine Wiesinger (Yale University)

        Body, Doubled Pregnancy in Post-3.11 Performance and Literature

10h30-11h  Barbara Geilhorn (German Institute fo Japanese Studies)

        3.11 in a Global Perspective:

        Setoyama Misaki’s Recontexualization of a German Post-Chernobyl Novel for the Japanese Stage

11h-11h15  Coffee Break

11h15-11h45  Rachel DiNitto (University of Oregon)

Kirino Natsuo’s Baraka, Slow Violence, and Minorities in 3.11 Fiction

11h45-12h15  Anne Bayard-Sakai (INALCO, Paris)

         Le 11 mars, objet littéraire "anecdotique" ?

12h15-13h  Discussion


13h-14h  Lunch Break


[Moderator: Reiko Abe Auestad (University of Oslo)]

14h-14h30  Daniel O'Neill (UC Berkeley)

        Curating the Creaturely: Extending the Temporalities of 3.11

14h30-15h  Fumiko Sugie (Université Paris-Diderot)

         Mirai mirai (Futur futur) de Furukawa Hideo,

ou comment explorer des futurs à travers un passé autre ?

15h-15h30  Lisette Gebhardt (Goethe University Frankfurt)

         Criticism of 3.11 authors or the critical mind in the 21st century:

The case of Bungakusha no Kaku, Fukushima-ron(2013)

15h30-15h45  Coffee Break

15h45-16h15  Faye Yuan Kleeman (University of Colorado)

          Reality, Artificiality, and Non-fiction:

Reimaging Concepts of Home, Community, and the Land in Japan after 3.11

16h15-16h45  Takako Arai (Saitama University)


16h45-17h15  Mitsuyoshi Numano (University of Tokyo)

           Closing Talk

17h15-18h30  Final Discussion



Organizers: Anne Bayard-Sakai (INALCO, Paris)

          Saeko Kimura (Tsuda University)

Contact :<>