Journal: Monumenta Nipponica 71:2 now available

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Dear list members,

The new issue of Monumenta Nipponica is now available and should be a good read for your travels back home from the AAS in Toronto.

The issue carries Heather Blair’s discussion of the Heian-period Sutra on Transforming Women into Buddhas, the second installment of Steven Carter’s translation of Oi no susami by the renga paragon Sōgi, and twenty-some book reviews on discussions of topics from Shōtoku Taishi to current political issues.

We would like here to express once more our gratitude to all scholars who were involved in bringing this issue together.


An alert to those who have a professional or personal interest in editing formats:

Over the past few months—when time allowed—Kate Wildman Nakai, the journal’s former editor, who oversaw the consolidation of MN’s current style and navigated the journal safely into the twenty-first century, and I worked on revising and updating the MN stylesheet. The new stylesheet will be applied from issue 72:1. We hope it will accommodate the needs of authors working in different disciplinary areas while also providing a guide to dealing with the stylistic issues encountered when writing about Japan-related topics in English. I will send out a notice once the new style sheet is uploaded to our website and again when it becomes available in printed form.


News about our Website:

Not all search functions are yet available, but we are making good progress. Our apologies for the delay, but developing a bibliographic database classified according to content that covers the more than seventy years of our journal takes time, particularly when budget constraints play a role as well. We hope to have it up and working within a few weeks.



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