Japanese Historical Text Initiative at the University of California, Berkeley

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We have a new home at Berkeley! Please check out http://jhti.berkeley.edu.

The Japanese Historical Text Initiative (JHTI) is an electronic research database hosted by the Center for Japanese Studies, University of California, Berkeley that is designed to aid research in Japanese history and literature in two ways:

• You can search through a vast amount of source material in the Japanese original and the English translation
• You can browse the Japanese original and/or the English translation of any word or string of words, or any character or string of characters, being studied

The texts currently included in the JHTI database are:

• Kojiki (712)
• Nihon Shoki (720)
• Izumo Fudoki (733), Harima Fudoki (around 715), Bungo Fudoki (around 733), Hizen Fudoki (around 733), Hitachi Fudoki (721)
• Shoku Nihongi (covering the years 697 to 791)
• Kogoshūi (807)
• Nittō Guhō Junrei Kōki (completed in 839-849)
• Engi Shiki (submitted to the Imperial Court in 927)
• Yamato Monogatari (completed around 950)
• Ōkagami (covering the years 866 to 1027)
• Eiga Monogatari (covering the years 794 to 1185)
• Gukanshō (completed in 1219)
• Azuma Kagami (covering the years 1180 to 1266)
• Heike Monogatari [The Tale of the Heike] (compiled prior to 1330) - forthcoming
• Jinnō Shōtōki (completed around 1339)
• Taiheiki (covering the years 1318 to 1368)
• Tokushi Yoron (completed in 1712)
• Ryūshi Shinron (1759)
• Nisshinkan Dōjikun (1803)
• Shinron (1825)
• Meiji Ikō Jinja Kankei Hōrei Shiryō [Governmental Orders Concerning Shinto Shrines After the First Year of Meiji] (Japanese text only)
• Kokutai no Hongi [Cardinal Principles of the National Polity] (1937)

We also provide digitized Japanese texts and links to English translations of Fukuzawa Yukichi, Kyūhanjō [Conditions in an Old Feudal Clan] (1877) and Kuga Katsunan, Kinji Seironkō [Thoughts on Recent Political Discourse] (1890), and a digitized Japanese text of Kume Kunitake, Shinto wa Saiten no Kozoku [Shinto is a Vestige of Sky-Worship] (1891).

Since the Initiative is on-going and collaborative, we appreciate receiving recommendations for the addition of other texts, suggestions for the improvement or addition of translations and references, and offers to publish Japanese historical studies electronically. These should be addressed to the Japanese Historical Text Initiative at jhti@berkeley.edu.