Monumenta Nipponica 77-2 is now available

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Dear colleagues,

MN 77:2  is now available online and in print.  

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Neither Plagiarism nor Patchwork: The Culture of Citation and the Making of Authorship in Medieval Japanese Poetry by Pier Carlo Tommasi

The Self-Fashioning of E. S. Morse: A Comparison of Japan Day by Day and Its Primary Source by  Hina Hirayama

Research Aids 

A New Japanese-German Dictionary by  Irmela Hijiya-Kirschnereit

Book Reviews

Song-nai Rhee, C. Melvin Aikens, and Gina L. Barnes. Archaeology and History of Toraijin: Human, Technological, and Cultural Flow from the Korean Peninsula to the Japanese Archipelago c. 800 BC–AD 600. By Richard D. McBride II

Susan Blakeley Klein. Dancing the Dharma: Religious and Political Allegory in Japanese Noh Theater. By Paul S. Atkins 

H. Mack Horton. The Rhetoric of Death and Discipleship in Premodern Japan: Sōchō’s “Death of Sōgi” and “Kikaku’s Death of Master Bashō. By Gary L. Ebersole

Christine M. E. Guth. Craft Culture in Early Modern Japan: Materials, Makers, and Mastery. By Liliana Morais

Gary P. Leupp and De-min Tao, eds. The Tokugawa World. By Laura Nenzi

Wei Yu Wayne Tan. Blind in Early Modern Japan: Disability, Medicine, and Identity. By Gerald Groemer

Robert Goree. Printing Landmarks: Popular Geography and “Meisho Zue” in Late Tokugawa Japan. By R. Keller Kimbrough

Glynne Walley, trans. Kyokutei Bakin, Eight Dogs, or “Hakkenden”: Part One—An Ill-Considered Jest. By William C. Hedberg

Arthur M. Mitchell. Disruptions of Daily Life: Japanese Literary Modernism in the World. By William O. Gardner

Annika A. Culver. Japan’s Empire of Birds: Aristocrats, Anglo-Americans, and Transwar Ornithology. By Miriam Kingsberg Kadia

Sherzod Muminov. Eleven Winters of Discontent: The Siberian Internment and the Making of a New Japan. By James D. J. Brown

Naoko Koda. The United States and the Japanese Student Movement, 1948–1973: Managing a Free World. By Nick Kapur

Christopher Gerteis. Mobilizing Japanese Youth: The Cold War and the Making of the Sixties Generation. By Dustin Wright 

Yoshikuni Igarashi. Japan, 1972: Visions of Masculinity in an Age of Mass Consumerism. By Michele M. Mason

Tessa Morris-Suzuki. Japan’s Living Politics: Grassroots Action and the Crises of Democracy. By Mary Alice Haddad

Dennis J. Frost. More Than Medals: A History of the Paralympics and Disability Sports in Postwar Japan. By Wolfram Manzenreiter

Gabriella Lukács. Invisibility by Design: Women and Labor in Japan’s Digital Economy. By Nana Okura Gagné 

Chikako Ozawa-de Silva. The Anatomy of Loneliness: Suicide, Social Connection, and the Search for Relational Meaning in Contemporary Japan. By Yuko Kawanishi

Jeremy Breaden and Roger Goodman. Family-Run Universities in Japan: Sources of Inbuilt Resilience in the Face of Demographic Pressure, 1992–2030. By Reiko Yamada

We all hope you enjoy the issue!