CfP: 44th ASRSA Conference - University of Cape Town - 4-5 October 2023 

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Dear Colleagues,

Apologies for crossposting. I hope this might be of some interest for you. We welcome papers on Japanese religions.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

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Elisabetta Porcu

Associate Professor and Head of Department
Department for the Study of Religions
University of Cape Town
President, ASRSA (Association for the Study of Religion in Southern Africa)


  44th  ASRSA Conference  

Call for Papers 

Religion in a World of Posts-

4-5 October 2023 

Department for the Study of Religions 

University of Cape Town 

As other Humanities and Social Sciences disciplines, the study of religion has been inspired and shaped by the prefix ‘post-’, each incarnation of which alludes to a critique and a rupture of normative discursive knowledge. By the late-twentieth century, a radical shift toward post-structuralism, post-modernism, post-colonialism, post-secularism, and post-humanism, questioned the certainty of modernist theories and methods. Moreover, in recent times, the world has been affected by a global pandemic, leading us to think about a post-covid society.  Drawing upon and contributing to a genealogy of critique against power, colonialism, and modernity, all these posts- are not merely temporal signatures but long-lasting theoretical and methodological approaches. For example, they destabilised the Enlightenment’s faith in reason, logic, science, and truth. Moreover, building on deconstructivism, relativism, and feminism, the posts- turn from objectivism and grand theories toward practices, lived experiences, and subjectivities. This, however, does not mean that the various posts- have been immune from ideologies while proclaiming their decline or disappearance. 

Against this backdrop, the 44th ASRSA conference calls for papers and panels that address the convergences between these posts-and the academic study of religion through various themes, including but not limited to  

  • Post’s critique and rupture  
  • Post’s theories and methods in the study of religions 
  • Post’s coherence and fragmentations  
  • Post’s ethics, knowledge, and power  
  • Post’s truth, technology, and religion  
  • Post’s modernism, colonialism, secularism
  • Post-covid and religious practices
  • Post-disaster and religion

All proposals should be submitted to: 

Deadline: 21 April  2023

We strongly encourage in-person participation, although there will be some limited online options available for those unable to travel to Cape Town.

Individual papers: The title of the paper, name and affiliation of the presenter, and an abstract of 200 words are to be submitted by the presenter. 

Session Proposals: No more than four papers per panel. The title of the panel, one panel abstract (300 words), and the abstracts for each paper (200 words each) are to be submitted by the convener. The proposal should also include the names of the panel convener, and presenters’ affiliations. 

Roundtable discussion: A 200-word abstract and the names of the participants are to be submitted by the convener. 

Open session: Poster Presentation by students should include an expression of interest of 200 words.

Creative inputs: Including photographic exhibitions, film screenings, and meet the author sessions. These should include a 200-word explanatory note.

All proposals will be peer-reviewed. 

The decision of acceptance: 15 May 2023 

Conference Registration fees (South African rand)

  • Academics/ Researchers: R 1500 for the two days, or R 800 per day.
  • Students: R 500 for two days or R 300 per day 

(students should contact the organisers if they wish to attend but cannot pay the fee).

  • Online participation: R 300 per day, reduced for students: R 150.

Please note that ASRSA membership is required to participate in the conference and the business meeting. However, membership is not required at the time of submitting proposals.

ASRSA Annual membership fee: R 350; reduced fee for students: R 200. 

Please be reminded to send the proof of payment indicating your name and affiliation to the ASRSA Treasurer, Dr. Clementine Nishimwe at: Unfortunately, without proof of payment, your membership will not be recorded, and you won’t be able to register.



The first issue of the 2024 edition of the ASRSA Journal for the Study of Religion will publish a selection of papers from the conference.  The first volume of the 2024 edition of the African Journal of Gender and Religion will publish a selection of papers from the conference.