Online Workshop: Technology & Society in Japan (18. Nov. 2022, VSJF Technology Section 2022)

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Dear members of H-Japan,

The VSJF Technology Section kindly invites you to the next online meeting on "Technology and Society in Japan" (Nov 18, 2022, 17:00h-20:15h Tokyo // 09:00h-12:15h Berlin/Zurich)This online meeting takes place vis-a-vis the "VSJF Jahrestagung in Zürich" (18.-20. Nov. 2022)

Please find all necessary information below. We look forward to welcoming you.

Warm regards

Cosima Wagner & Susanne Brucksch


Online Workshop "Technology & Society in Japan" (VSJF Technology Section Meeting 2022)

Date:  November 18, 2022 (Fri), 17:00 – 20:15 Tokyo // 9:00 – 12:15 Zurich/Berlin

Venue:  Online Meeting (a zoom link will be provided shortly before the meeting)

Registration: Please register via 
ORGANISERS: Dr Susanne Brucksch (assoc. prof.), Teikyo University, Tokyo
                          Dr Cosima Wagner, Freie Universität Berlin
Please find further information below and on the VSJF website (


17:00 Tokyo // 09:00 Berlin/Zurich: GREETINGS and OPENING REMARKS

Susanne Brucksch, Teikyo University

17:10 Tokyo // 09:10 Berlin/Zurich: SESSION A: "VISIONs, NEEDs and TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT"

INCENTIVE TALK: Needs-driven engineering research and development: Experiences in my laboratory at Chiba University 

Wenwei Yu, Chiba University 


“Dejitaru-ka no kabe?” Media analysis on ICT, robot technology and older adults during the pandemic 

Isabelle Prochaska-Meyer, Vienna University 


Can robots care for us? Visions of technocare from the UK and Japan 

Giulia De Togni, University of Edinburgh 


MODERATOR: Naonori Kodate, University College Dublin 


18:45 Tokyo // 10:45 Berlin/Zurich: SESSION B: "ACCEPTANCE, USER IMAGES and TECHNOLOGY in CONTEXT"

Scenarios to support nursing home residents: Needs analysis & evaluation with the humanoid service robot GARMI, Project KoBo34 

Eva Jahn, Technical University Munich 


User representations generated by robot providers 

Yuko Tamaki-Welply, EHESS 


MODERATOR: Susanne Brucksch, Teikyo University 


19:40 Tokyo // 11:40 Berlin/Zurich    SESSION C: OPEN EXCHANGE on ONGOING PROJECTS


Towards open-research data-sharing in Japan-related social-robot technology research?

Cosima Wagner, Freie Universität Berlin

Open Exchange: Further announcements on ongoing research projects, etc.


MODERATOR: Cosima Wagner, Freie Universität Berlin

This workshop is kindly supported by:

UCD Centre for Japanese Studies, University College Dublin (UCD), Ireland