Call for presenters: Panel on Gender-Based Violence in Asia

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We invite presenters to submit paper abstracts for a panel for the Association for Asian Studies (AAS)-in-Asia Annual Conference held in June 24-27, 2023 in Daegu, Korea.  

Gender-Based Violence in Asia

Chairs/Organizers: Michelle Ho, National University of Singapore; Cherie Tay, National University of Singapore
Discussant: TBA

Since the late 1980s, the United Nations has identified violence against women and girls as a major violation of human rights. This is critical in various parts of Asia where such forms of violence remain prevalent and even heightened through crises like the coronavirus pandemic that enforced proximity between women domestic violence victims and their abusers. This panel explores gender-based violence in Asia, including but not limited to harassment against female-identified individuals, rape myths, victim-blaming culture, support and resources for victims-survivors, and forms of sexual violence aided by digital technologies known as "technology-facilitated sexual violence (TFSV)." For us to discuss a future-oriented development of Asian studies, and indeed for Asian studies to have any future at all, we must engage in unveiling and documenting the crisis of gender-based violence in Asia. This panel is timely and significant for contributing to the vast body of scholarship on gender-based violence in a transnational context.

Possible topics may include but aren't limited to:

  • Gender-based discrimination against women and LGBTQ individuals, including at the workplace, on campus, social media platforms, gaming, and chat rooms and online forums 
  • Sexism, misogyny, and masculinity
  • Physical and emotional/psychological forms of sexual violence, including dating violence and intimate partner violence and the connections to control, surveillance,
  • Rape, rape myths, and victim-blaming 
  • Technology facilitated sexual violence (TFSV), fourth wave feminism, and online social movements e.g. #MeToo, #KuToo, #iamafeminist etc.
  • The rise of image-based sexual abuse (IBSA) and other forms of digital harms, including sextortion, revenge pornography, sexual voyeurism, and online sexual harassment
  • Support and resources for victims-survivors of sexual and gender-based violence

Interested presenters working on any part of Asia (except Singapore) should email a 250-word abstract and a working title for your paper to Michelle Ho ( by Tuesday October 11, 2022

Graduate students and junior scholars are especially welcome to join us. There may also be an opportunity for a special issue or edited volume to come out of this conference.