Symposium announcement: "Japan: Literary and cultural representations in communist Europe", Oct.22-23, 15:30-20:00 JST @Zoom

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Dear colleagues,
You are cordially invited to the symposium "Japan: Literary and cultural representations in communist Europe," which will take place on Zoom on October 22-23, 15:30-20:00 JST.
For any inquiries, do not hesitate to contact Irina Holca (
Japan: Literary and cultural representations in communist Europe

Day 1/ October 22

15:30-15:40 Irina Holca: Introduction

15:40-16:15 Ewa Kamińska &Beata Romanowicz: Exhibitions of Japanese Art in Poland during the Communist Period

16:15-16:50 Alex Mustățea& Radu Leca: Fantasizing about Japan in Romania, Then and Now: A Look at James Clavell’s “Shōgun”

16:50-17:25 Mária Ildikó Farkas: “Re-discovery” of Japan in Post-War East Central Europe: Japan in Communist Hungary

17:25-17:40 Break

17:40-18:15 Agata Bice: Japanese Literature in Communist Poland, 1950-1989

18:15-19:20 Maria Malashevskaya: Imagining Medieval Japan in the Late USSR: Refined World of “Genji Monogatari” by Tatyana Sokolova-Delusina and Legendary Belligerence of  “The Chronicle of Yoshitsune” by Arkady Strugatsky    

19:20-19:55 George T. Sipos: Romanian Translations of Japanese Literature in Postwar Romania: Between Political Choice and Ignorance

Day 2/ October 23

15:30-16:05 Viviana Iacob: Reclaiming the World Stage: Japan and International Organizations for the Performing Arts after 1945

16:05-16:40 Takashi Wada: Translations of Japanese Leftist Literature in Early East Germany (DDR): Tokunaga Sunao, Kobayashi Takiji, Miyamoto Yuriko

16:40-17:15 Jurgita Ignotienė: Japanese Literature in Lithuania during the Soviet Occupation (1944–1990): Tribute to the Ideology and Striving for the Beauty

17:15-17:30 Break

17:30-18:05 Nina Habjan: Tendencies in the Translation of Japanese Literature in Slovenia

18:05-18:40 Csillag Tarnai: Shifting Perspectives: Books and Essays on Japan in Hungary during the Communist Era (1945-1991)

18:40-19:30 Discussion