Monumenta Nipponica 77:1 now available

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Dear colleagues and friends,

MN 77:1 is now available online and in print.

For the electronic version, see

Monumenta Nipponica 77:1 (2022)


Versifying for Others: Akazome Emon’s Proxy Poems. By Takeshi Watanabe.

Jesuit Printing and Hiragana Books. By Sasaki Takahiro. 

Sacred Noh at Kanda Myōjin. By Gerald Groemer.

Book Reviews

Sachiko Kawai. Uncertain Powers: Sen’yōmon-in and Landownership by Royal Women in Early Medieval Japan. By Paula Curtis.

Sachi Schmidt-Hori. Tales of Idolized Boys: Male-Male Love in Medieval Japanese Buddhist Narratives. By Margaret Childs.

Richard Rubinger, ed. and trans. A Social History of Literacy in Japan. By Mark Lincicome.

Stefan Köck, Brigitte Pickl-Kolaczia, and Bernhard Scheid, eds. Religion, Power, and the Rise of Shinto in Early Modern Japan. By Matthias Hayek.

Akihiro Odanaka and Masami Iwai. Japanese Political Theatre in the 18th Century: Bunraku Puppet Plays in Social Context. By Satoko Shimazaki.

Nobuko Toyosawa. Imaginative Mapping: Landscape and Japanese Identity in the Tokugawa and Meiji Eras. By Robert Goree.

Roderick I. Wilson. Turbulent Streams: An Environmental History of Japan’s River, 1600–1920. By Philip Brown.

Nathan Shockey. The Typographic Imagination: Reading and Writing in Japan’s Age of Modern Print Media. By Seth Jacobowitz.

Timothy M. Yang. A Medicated Empire: The Pharmaceutical Industry and Modern Japan. By Hiromi Mizuno.

Tatiana Linkhoeva. Revolution Goes East: Imperial Japan and Soviet Communism. By Yukiko Koshiro.

Kayoko Takeda. Interpreters and War Crimes. By Sandra Wilson.

Michael Crandol. Ghost in the Well: The Hidden History of Horror Films in Japan. By Lindsay Nelson.

Mark Mullins. Yasukuni Fundamentalism: Japanese Religions and the Politics of Restoration. By Kota Saito.

Garren Mulloy. Defenders of Japan: The Post-Imperial Armed Forces 1946–2016, A History. By Giulio Pugliese.

Chelsea Szendi Schieder. Coed Revolution: The Female Student in the Japanese New Left. By Patricia Steinhoff.

Rebecca Suter. Two-World Literature: Kazuo Ishiguro’s Early Novels. By Matthew Strecher.

Gabriele Koch. Healing Labor: Japanese Sex Work in the Gendered Economy. By Fabio Gygi.

Yoshiko Okuyama. Reframing Disability in Manga. By Mark Bookman.

Allison Alexy. Intimate Disconnections: Divorce and the Romance of Independence in Contemporary Japan. By Harald Fuess.

Jan Bardsley. Maiko Masquerade: Crafting Geisha Girlhood in Japan. By Susan Napier.

We all hope you enjoy the issue!


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