Recommendations for PhD Programs in Japanese History?

Christopher Shumard Discussion

Hello everyone,

I am currently a graduate student working towards completing my thesis and attaining an MA in History at Clemson University. My historical interests are particularly aligned with Modern Japanese history and the ideas of race, ethnicity, and nationalism. Within these ideas, I am particularly interested in studying about minority groups in Japan and their struggles with identity. The thesis I am currently writing explores the self-created identities of the Zainichi Koreans, Ainu, Burakumin, and Okinawans as a response to Japanese imperialism, nationalism, and a perceived sense of cultural homogeneity. 

I have begun looking for PhD programs to apply for that have programs and faculty dedicated to researching about Japanese History. Given my interests, I am hoping someone can recommend to me some universities and their respective programs. 

I appreciate any help or advice that you have to offer! Thanks in advance!

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