Journal of Urban History Special Feature on Tokyo

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I would like to announce a special feature recently published in the Journal of Urban History (vol.48: no.5; Sept. 2022) containing six articles on the history of modern Tokyo.

Jordan Sand


Building Tokyo: Social and Political Histories

The essays cover key issues in the history of Tokyo from the late-nineteenth century to the years immediately after World War II, including urban politics, real estate and suburban development, municipal responses to environmental hazards, gender and working-class culture, and informal economies. 

  1. Megumi Matsuyama, “Edo-Tokyo and the Meiji Revolution”
  2. Maho Ikeda “The First Elected Leaders in Japan’s Capital City: Former Shogunal Retainers in the Tokyo Prefectural Assembly”
  3. Jun Suzuki, “How Disasters Made the Modern City of Tokyo”
  4. Jordan Sand, “Land, Lumber, Labor, and Excrement: A Slumlord’s View of Tokyo at the Turn of the Twentieth Century”
  5. Yūko Fujino, “Urban Riots and the Everyday Practice of Male Laborers in Prewar Japan”
  6. Kōsei Hatsuda, “Tokyo’s Black Markets as an Alternative Urban Space: Occupation, Violence, and Disaster Reconstruction”