Free Online Documentary Screenings: Films of HANEDA Sumiko (Canada only), July 1-3

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Dear H-Net Japan Members,

Continuing our Celebration of Women in Film, the Japan Foundation, Toronto will be spotlighting the most important and prolific female documentary filmmaker from Japan, HANEDA Sumiko. Long neglected in the West, Haneda’s body of work consists of poetic postwar documentaries that are attuned to the roles of women in society and cycles of rural life.

The two films we are screening are Ode to Mount Hayachine (1982) and Into the Picture Scroll: The Tale of Yamanaka Tokiwa (2005). These masterfully crafted films capture pieces of Japanese culture frozen in time, and serve as moving reference material for those studying Japanese traditions such as kagura dances, religious rituals, puppet theatre, classical scroll painting, and more.

For full descriptions of each film and registration:

Thank you,

The Japan Foundation, Toronto