Reminder: Reviewer Zero Program

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Dear H-SHGAPE Subscribers:


Reminder: The SHGAPE Events Committee has developed another exciting new program for SHGAPE Members and potential new members! 

“Reviewer Zero: Meet with a Senior Scholar Program”


Do you have a chapter or article you’d like a senior scholar in the field to read and critique?  The SHGAPE Events Committee will do the introductions for you! This program is open to anyone who identifies as an early career scholar (you do not also have to be a member of our Writing Workshop group - our other SHGAPE Events Committee Program). You must have a chapter or article-length piece pertaining to the late nineteenth/early twentieth centuries ready, and identify up to three senior scholars in your field/area that you’d like to meet, or the committee can suggest scholars for you. Then, the SHGAPE events committee will handle the setup and email introductions! You and the senior scholar will then schedule a time over email to meet online during the 2021-2022 academic year. The senior scholar will read your piece in advance and meet with you at a mutually agreeable time for a minimum thirty minute meeting for feedback and advice. The Events Committee can also suggest senior scholars if you do not have someone in mind.  

If you are interested in being paired with a senior scholar, please fill out the Google Form by Jan 14, and indicate your name, affiliation, email, SHGAPE Membership status (already a member or need to join), and briefly describe the potential piece to be workshopped. You can list up to three scholars you have in mind or you can have the option to have the committee choose for you.  If you are not already a SHGAPE member, you will need to join by Friday 1/21 using the link

You will receive an email confirmation by Friday 2/4 and the Committee will then work to pair you with a senior scholar from your list or the committee’s choice. Once the scholar agrees to meet, the committee will send an introductory email to you both with next steps. 

Link to Google Form:

Questions? Email Lauren MacIvor Thompson (SHGAPE Events Committee Chair) at