New Book announcement: "Cultures of Memory in the Nineteenth Century"

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Dear readers, 

I'd like to draw your attention to a new book, out this month from Palgrave: 

Cultures of Memory in the Nineteenth Century: Consuming Commemoration
Editors: Grenier, Katherine Haldane; Mushal, Amanda 

From the publisher's website: 

This collection provides a long-overdue examination of the nineteenth century as a crucible of new commemorative practices. Distinctive memory cultures emerged during this period which would fundamentally reshape public and private practices of remembrance in the modern world. The essays in this volume bring together scholars of History, Literature, Art History, and Musicology to explore uses of memory in nineteenth-century empire-building and constructions of national identity, cultures of sentiment and mourning practices, and discourses of race and power. Contributors approach the topic through case studies of Europe, the United States, and the British Empire. Their analyses of nineteenth-century innovations in commemoration at both the personal and the larger civic and political levels will appeal to students and scholars of memory and of the nineteenth-century world.

Part of Palgrave Macmillan's series on Memory Studies

Please consider encouraging your libraries to purchase a copy! 

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