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My work concerning Progressive Era reformer Belle La Follette has been the subject of a couple of podcasts (of different lengths). There's one that's an hour long that covers a lot of various Progressive Era topics at:


A 12 minute podcast primarily on La Follette's contributions to the women's suffrage campaign can be found at:


I hope this helps!

Nancy C. Unger
Professor, Department of History
Santa Clara University

Thank you Dr. Unger! These look interesting.I will check them out.

Greg Dehler

Greetings fellow Gilded Age and Progressive Era enthusiasts,

Alex Hastie is doing a series on Ohio presidents in his Ohio V. The World podcast. There are two episodes on McKinley currently available. Future episodes with cover Grant, Hayes, Garfield, Taft, and Harding. There are other Gilded Age and Progressive Era topics in the Ohio V. The World back catalog. Episodes are a little over an hour and typically include interviews with writers, historians, public historians, and other experts. Here is the link:


Greg Dehler